30 | 30 Athena Village Community Project Participant Perks

30 Women, 30 Stories Participant Perks

An Athena Village Community Project

We believe in building relationships through authentic connection and mutually beneficial collaboration. We're looking to build long-term partnerships. If you've been invited, we believe in you and the way you are building your business, expressing your art or leading your movement for change.

In that spirit, as a 30|30 project partner, you will:

Expand your audience by joining a thriving online community of like-valued, intelligent and kind women who listen to and support each other.

Increase your visibility: 30|30 project stories will be shared across multiple social media platforms and online communities

Have opportunities beyond 30|30 campaign.

Not only will your story be highlighted for the day, but you'll have the opportunity to:

Enjoy a one-year Athena Village basic membership ($120 value)

Join 30-30 weekly Salons on Tuesdays throughout the project for conversation and connection with other participants

Share your special talents in our expanded event (post-email campaign) to connect with more folks in a live format. This will happen and exist exclusively in Athena Village for premium members (NEW)

If you're interested, take advantage of a 6-month Village Premium membership (New– details to follow)

Add your voice to a unique 30|30 project journal (printed/downloadable) (NEW)

Being a part of someone else's community project can be a fantastic opportunity for you, your business, your book and your message. Plus it helps if you’re engaged and view the experience as the fun opportunity it is.

Do you have a story to tell? We hope you'll consider joining us!

Get Involved

Craft an awesome submission

This one goes without saying, really. This is going to be the first impression that many people are going to have of you and your message. your business, so make sure you create something valuable. Follow our submission instructions carefully, and make sure that you proofread and edit before submitting it.

Your submission will live on in the “gallery” in the Athena Village and on our official Athena Village website so make sure it’s something you’re proud of.

Oh, and a quick aside – do us a favor and get your submission in by April 12th

Be active in Athena Village community

The community aspect of this project is happening in The Athena Village – an online community for women seeking answers to life’s big questions.

Make sure you take a few minutes out of your day to like or comment on what’s happening during the month of April.

On YOUR DAY, be available to answer questions when your submission goes live. If people get excited about your submission and then see you engaging in the group, they’re far more likely to take the extra step and check out your work.

Make it easy for people to learn more about you

Make sure you provide us with a descriptive bio and links to your website and most used social media.

Don’t send links to everything you’ve ever done – you don’t want to overwhelm people. Similarly, keep your bio short and sweet – if your bio is longer than your submission then you might want to rethink your priorities!

You’ll have an opportunity to offer a killer freebie in the Athena Village to tempt people to learn more about you.

The best freebies will be relevant both to the project and to your business. If you have an existing freebie, then it might be worth tweaking the language, or even creating a separate landing page just for the project.

Develop your relationships

If you’ve been talking to people and connecting in the group during the project, then make sure you can stay connected to those people once the project has ended. Find them on social media, sign up for their emails, bookmark their websites, or invite people on coffee dates (virtual or IRL).

I guarantee that if you approach being a part of someone else’s community project in this way, it will serve up business benefits for you that you can’t even imagine.

Engage with the project

If you want to reap the benefits, make sure you’re fully engaged. Here’s what that means:

Basically, show up and be visible during the project.

Promote the project

Great community projects deserve to be talked about. You’ve shown that you care about the topic by agreeing to participate. Take the next step to make the project great by talking about it with your audience, especially as the project goes on.

You can do this by:

  • Sharing the work of the other participants
  • Getting involved with the promotional side.

We will provide you with graphics and/or swipe copy, to make it really easy for you to share.

The more the project is shared, the more eyes on it, and that means more eyes on you and your message and business as well!

Show off your involvement

If it’s a great project that you’re proud to be a part of, then don’t be afraid to show it off, even after the project has ended!

Add the project eBook to your own website, blog about the experience, talk about it on your Instagram stories, etc.


Meet the Women

Shatriece (she/her)
Shatriece (she/her)

Career to Startup Coach

CA United States

Aimee Zwaap & Stephanie Foley
Aimee Zwaap & Stephanie Foley

Moon Feather Hollow

NY + WA  United States

Rachelle Niemann
Rachelle Niemann


AZ United States

Beth Riegger
Beth Riegger

Keys 2 Success Marketing

MN United States

Lisa (she/her)
Lisa (she/her)

Change Your Badge

Cornwall England

Kristin Maija Peterson
Kristin Maija Peterson


Ava K. Gross
Ava K. Gross

Gustavus Adolphus University MN United States

Virginia Wilcox
Virginia Wilcox

Amplify The Heart: Our collective future is an inside job.


Kery Knutson
Kery Knutson

30|30 Ways to Be Involved

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