Meet AJ Frenzel

Former Wall Street. Accountant. Birth Doula.
Flamenco Dancer. Debt-Destroying CFO of her own family of four.

Since we’re all home – I’m working from home full time. My Kids are schooling from home full time, my husband’s working from home full time, I have caved to my family’s request to get a dog.

However, leave it to me to do it in a way that doesn’t cost anything. We’ve volunteered to be dog foster family for with the rescue agency. Fostering is interesting to me that it changes the way that my family interacts with one another. It’s beautiful for me to see the the light shine From my family members in interacting with another being. I think of it as my love language.

My “acts of service” love language I found coming out when I sprained my ankle and couldn’t do any darn thing for myself. My family really stepped in to help me out that made me see helped me really experience my family as loving me.

And with the dogs, I can see them creating this love for others, right? So they’re doing service for this for animal. They’re taking them for a walk or giving them a bath or feeding them or brushing them. And it looks to me like love. We’re coordinating together.
“You do the dishes while I walk the dog” or “Let’s work together in the kitchen so we can go for a family walk”.

And it feels like love.
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My song:

Katrina & The Waves – Walking On Sunshine

More about AJ

AJ Frenzel, aka the MoneyDoula, grew up as the middle daughter of a CPA. She was always a numbers girl; math whiz, restaurant check-splitter, volunteer treasurer for everything, family clock-setter, bill payer, and tax preparer. So, she went to college and studied language and dance.  Left brain, right brain, pregnant brain, mom brain, non-stop brain.Yes. All of the above.

After growing a dance school in Minneapolis, AJ spent a decade in NYC working as controller for a fund-of-hedge-funds. She has supplemented her soul as a birth doula, mama, once-and-future marathoner, NYC bicycle commuter turned Midwest work-at-homer and peaceful, gentle, fierce flamenco dancer.

With her numbers brain, helper’s heart, and dancing body, AJ wants to help you find your own positive, productive and practical relationship with your money.

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