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The Truth About Getting My Groove Back 

I was a mess.

Severely burnt out, deeply depressed, seething with rage just under the surface, having chest pains, panic attacks, and wanting to die. I had struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts since I was a very young child, but this was different. The leadership position I found myself in took everything I had. In charge of two programs in a non-profit arts organization, bullied by the ED, unsupported and unacknowledged for my work by peers, with no end to the workload in sight. Being prone to mood swings was one thing, but not feeling anything except bursts of anger and a deep well of emptiness, that was truly scary.

Art had always been my love and my dream, the thing that kept me going. Now, suddenly, I had no passion for it at all. My master’s degree in sculpture seemed like a useless waste of time to have achieved. The time I did have after work, I spent researching ways to heal from burnout, complex trauma, and PTSD, pushing myself to keep my hands in art, and escaping into Netflix and food. I had always had my feelings and my inspiration for the next project, now without them I didn’t know who I was anymore.

Out of the blue my position was eliminated, leaving me feeling stunned, useless, dead inside, and too broken to do any job at all. I had done everything right. I had worked hard, played by the rules, taken exceptional care of my staff, tried desperately to find a work-life balance, and still, I found myself without the job I had nearly killed myself to do well.

This path was not working.

I have always been drawn to the healing arts and, as a Reiki Master, fascinated by how our bodies heal themselves if we can just get out of the way. A few months before the demise of my position, I read about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) in a bookstore and was delighted by it’s capabilities. This is the healing modality I had been looking for. Simple, highly effective, self-administered, and can be used anywhere. There was nothing I wanted more than be well and nothing else I was capable of focusing on with my job gone. The EFT certification process itself brought me back to life. I spent week after week tapping on my issues, one by one, releasing them while gaining an understanding of what moves trauma fastest and most efficiently without retraumatization. Then I began tapping with other people, and found the most rewarding work in doing so. It lights me up to see joy where there was pain, lightness replacing grief, and hope overtaking anxiety. If I can help someone release even a fraction of the pain I’ve felt, we are all better for it.

All of the trauma in my life had kept me from living my best self in the world. Through EFT I have worked through compound trauma from years of being bullied as a child, emotional abuse, emotional neglect, multiple sexual assaults, repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse, issues of self-worth and self-loathing, enmeshment, emotional detachment, suicidal ideation, burnout, and an artist block. My panic attacks and chest pains are gone, I am passionate about making art again, I feel more calm, connected, and happier than I think I have ever felt in my life, and I continue to uncover more about who I truly am everyday.

Working with clients using EFT feels like nothing short of miraculous. It has quickly cleared old grief, profound sadness, feelings of being trapped, phobias, fears, guilt, shame, feelings of unworthiness, limiting beliefs about money, internalized oppression, and internalized homophobia.

A fresh start is such a gift.

What I know now is that I’m not sure how I lost my groove… in truth, I don’t know if I ever really felt like had it in the first place. I can tell you this… tapping is how I found myself, my true self. Uncovering layers of old trauma to reveal more of my light, more of my essence, the true me. My experience of the past 2 and a half years, building my business, healing myself, and helping others do the same brings me life and light and hope. Tapping is how I got my groove… and how I help others do the same.


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More about Angela Hed Vincent:

Angela Hed Vincent is a certified Master Level EFT Practitioner and owner of True You Tapping. She helps burned out and trauma-filled professionals, therapists, and clergy, release their traumas and find balance, so that they can come from a place of wellness in all they do. Angela founded True You Tapping after she successfully used EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to release her own severe burnout, depression, and compound trauma. True You Tapping was created to help others who are feeling lost, alone, and hidden beneath their traumas, to dissolve blocks, collapse issues, and unearth their true potential. Accreditations: •    EFT Master Practitioner Certification •    Energy Medicine Certification •    Advanced Energy Medicine: Healing Trauma •    Reiki Master Certification

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