Meet Beatrice Ā Adenodi

Founder Mirror Ink, Mindless Behaviors
Intuitive Storyteller šŸ“œ Awareness AdvocatešŸ”…
Truth Seeker

Beatrice Adenodi on RECLAIMING HER POWER.

An audio interview. Ā  [Audio 08:05]Ā  Then read her essay below

“That night was basically a turning point for me in my life. I was constantly giving my power away to bad behaviors…and I enabled it in so many ways…”

3:06 Ā Someone spoke out and said ‘I feel like you need to reclaim your power”

4:10 Ā Birth of Beatrice’s social initiative MINDLESS BEHAVIORS


6:45 Ā The new normal, social distancing

ā€¢ Ā  Ā We cannot control the environment we live whether it is toxic or not. But we can control the way we react to it.
ā€¢ Ā  Ā Perception is a reality. Ā Find a way to see things from different perspectives before making informed decisions.
ā€¢ Ā  Ā Life is not happening to you, but it is happening for you. Seize every experience and learn from them. They are our mirrors and greatest teachers.
ā€¢ Ā  Ā Your voice matters; donā€™t let anyone that it away.

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A.Ā BeatriceĀ Adenodi, owner Mirror Ink Intuitive Storyteller šŸ“œ Awareness AdvocatešŸ”… truth seekerĀ 
My name is Beatrice Adenodi, and I am a marketing guru and awareness advocate. I am the proud owner of Mirror Ink, a marketing production firm that specializes in strategy, planning, logistics, and execution.Through the years I had to learn how to navigate life by building my own set of tools that worked for me, and I am currently on the journey of writing my first book so I can share what I have learned with the world. Through my unique perspective, I have been able to help many people get out of unfortunate situations by guiding them from being reactive to reflective in their setting. I love the work that I do and I’m excited to pass on my knowledge to as many people as possible