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Fun-loving, creative, friend, mentor, wife, mother, grandmother/yaya and co-author, with granddaughter Lily of Cakewalk – The Science of Happy.

My Song:

Michael Bublé’s When You’re Smiling

My Story

In about 2015, working as an LOA – Law of Attraction – coach, I had opportunities to hang out with my oldest granddaughters quite a lot. Lily, the oldest, was 15 at the time and had a lot of questions about LOA. We engaged in many conversations about how it applied to her life, she was very intrigued, and it made sense to her.

One day as we talked, we both had a feeling that this was information all teens/tweens could use and learn from. Lily was finding that it gave her a great sense of peace and ease and she wanted to give that gift to others like her.

We didn’t know then what that would look like, we only knew that taking notes and continuing to have the conversations was fun, and we both learned more about how to live with more ease and joy life in the process as we dug into it more and more and worked it into specific life situations.

So, we met once a week after school to discuss and take notes. After several months we realized that we had something that could be made into a booklet or book. Then started playing with the idea and wondering what it would look like. We sat down one day and started doing a mandala coloring book while we talked and wrote down words that defined ease.  We had all kinds of them, but one stood out – Cakewalk.

Lily knew in a moment that’s what she would like the book to be called… if we ever indeed created one. That was exciting for us! We needed more. And when we met again, we started adding a sub-title phrase to describe our version of Cakewalk. And a full title was born – Cakewalk – The Science of Happy. Lily came up with that. From then on we worked on images, quotes, and stories, we liked for the book.

It wasn’t until months later that I found out about a group my friend Kelly Pratt had formed called The So, do it! Salons. I hadn’t seen Kelly in a long time when I ran into her at an event. I loved the idea of it – doing that thing that has been sitting on my back burner. It felt right, and I signed up. The So, do it! Salon was meant to be for me! Not only could I have the support of a group of fabulous, like-minded, women to encourage and cheer on this project, I could also do so for them. And in that group I found our “book doula” Kelly Pratt! She was just that, she helped us give birth to our wonderful book!!  We could not have done it without her…. Well, we might have gotten it done, but it would have been a much harder and longer road.
There are no coincidences!! It was meant to be. So on May 20th 2017, we launched Cakewalk – The Science of Happy! What a joyful accomplishment! Lily and I have enjoyed, and are still enjoying, getting out book out into the world. We did many book signings, and got ourselves on Kare-11 with Pat Evans. It has all been fun!
I think the biggest lesson I have learned in this adventure, is that we really can do anything we put our minds to. I would never have dreamed I would publish a book of any kind. And to publish one that helps others, especially teens, really is a dream. And to do so with one of my grandchildren is the best gift of all.

When we just go ahead, listen to our gut, and So, do it! doors open and fear gets pushed aside.

Seriously…Life is FUN!!
Cj Staples

More About Cj

Cj is a certified life coach with a passion for empowering others to live their best lives. She has always been interested in how and why we do the things we do and discovering how to change the patterns that do not assist us or allow us to live amazing lives.

Cj has studied and practiced Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction teachings since 2001 as well as the teachings of many other brilliant individuals. These teachings have given her so much peace and ease in her own life.

She has two daughters, four granddaughters, and one grandson, and enjoys every moment she gets to spend with them doing the things they love; boating, swimming, camping, x-country skiing, and enjoying music.

She, and her oldest granddaughter Lily – 19, are proud co-authors of Cakewalk – The Science of Happy, which is a book based on the law of attraction for teens & tweens. They are passionate about helping young people understand their own power of positive thought and how, once understood, it gives the reader a true sense of empowerment, peace, and joy.

She lives in Minnesota with her husband Jeremiah, who is a chiropractor and also a lover of learning, so overall mental and physical health and wellness is how they play in their daily lives. – Oh, and so is having Fun!

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