Meet Grace Howes

Soul Nudger | Light Seeker | Story Catcher | Change Maker | Changing inner dialogues so we can finally get out of our own damn way!

As a Soul Nudger & Mindset Coach, Grace helps women discover who they truly are in business by shining a light on old habits and patterns of behaviour that continue to hold them back. She works to help them change their inner dialogue so they can finally get out of their own damn way!


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My Song is EXACTLY by Amy Steinberg

More about Grace

Grace is the 2nd child of a solo parenting Mum. She and her 4 siblings grew up putting on  skit-like shows for the neighborhood parents each summer. But, despite this regular foray in front of people, she chose for most of her young years and adult life to remain hidden in the shadows.That is until she found her voice and realized she could use that voice for good.

Her work up until 3 yrs ago had been as an art quilter and, later, as a bookbinder. Then she took a pivot to become a Life Coach.

Grace loves the work she does to help women find out who they are at their deepest core level and works to help them reframe the thoughts they have about themselves so show they can show up as the badass business women they’re meant to be, to do the work they’re called to do….and change the world. Three things lie at the core of her beliefs that fuel her life today…

LIGHT – shining it on our most shadowy parts and using what we find to help guide our way forward.

TRUTH – choosing to live the full breadth and width of who we are so we don’t deny our true identity and are able to speak and take action from that place.

JOY – finding the little “pockets of JOY” that exist everywhere, but only if we’re looking.

Grace thoroughly embraces her quirky-fun loving-dancing in the kitchen side, enjoys her roll as a JOY Ambassador to her kids, friends and anyone else who comes in contact with her and….will forever love the colour RED. She is almost an empty nester who currently resides in Portland, Oregon, a place that she lovingly calls her heart city.

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