Meet Melissa Pahl

Hike, bike, paddle, yoga, dogs, art, teaching how to win the day with money.


My Song:

Shake it Out by Florence and the Machine

“I had this perfect storm that brought me financially to my knees …  I got off the phone [with a credit card company] and I burst into tears…”This is sucking the energy out of my whole life.”

So I did a hard pivot… Over the next few years, I assembled a plan for myself that completely rescued me from my own financial distress.
And then the universe just brings us together. I had a conversation with a friend, and she expressed that she had never been taught how to manage her money. So I showed her. Then I showed a small group of friends, and then it grew from there.”


More About Melissa

Melissa Pahl teaches women a way to manage their money without budgeting through workshops, online training and private coaching. Melissa Pahl has a degree in Finance and has managed multi-million dollar business transactions, but that’s not where she developed the principles she teaches. Life offered her the opportunity to navigate the murky waters of credit card debt, entrepreneurship, market crashes, career changes, investment losses and divorce. Out of need, she developed a simple way to overcome these challenges and now teaches others through workshops and private coaching.


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