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Meet Susan Brauer

Chicago transplant, and lover of The City of Lakes. World traveler, writer and speaker. Biker (pedal), skier (downhill), shower singer, and living room dancer. 


“I have reinvented myself several times in my lifetime. So I kind of feel like I could write the book on “getting my groove back.”

Rock and Roll

In the 1980s, I sang lead in a pop/rock cover band. We traveled all over the US before getting booked to work overseas for two stints for the Department of Defense. It was thrilling – all of it! From playing at venues in Iowa, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Colorado (to name just a few), and then entertaining the troops at US military bases in the Philippines, Okinawa, Japan, and Germany. Even when I think about it now, I have to pinch myself. I got to spend nearly 10 years traveling the world doing something that a lot of people only dream of, actually make a living, entertaining people every day.

Move to Minnesota

In 1992, after spending 3 years as the Marketing Manager for a company in Chicago, I met and married my husband and moved to Minneapolis. The move was difficult at first because I looove Chicago. However, 28 years later, you’d have a hard time budging me from this beautiful, “City of Lakes” in Minnesota. I also started a career here, working with a company that designed and built the trade show displays for 3M. I was again in a job that had me traveling all over the US, which I loved. One of the things I did during this time, was to develop a program that my clients desperately wanted, which helped them measure return on investment (ROI) for their shows. It was from my success with those programs, that when I was downsized in 2005, I started Brauer Consulting Group, working as an Independent Event Manager which, 15 years later, is still up and running.

Dabbling in Writing


During all this time, I dabbled in writing (some bad poetry, short stories, and started my business traveler blog ( mostly for my own entertainment. However, at some point, I realized that I truly loved it and began to take writing classes to hone my skills. I began to think that maybe writing was something that I’d like to do more of. I also decided that my niche would be Travel Writing. This would combine my love of traveling the world, with telling stories about the places I’ve been and sharing ideas and tips with fellow wanderers.

So, Do It!

So, I took a deep breath and made Travel Writing my “It” during one “So Do It” 13- week session with Kelly Pratt and a wonderful group of women. By naming my passion and sharing it with our group, I found myself able to get more focused on what I needed to do to make this writing dream a reality. As it continues to become more exciting and real (I’ve had several small pieces published so far), I’ve actually rolled it into my business model. I have also added in-person travelogue presentations to the mix.

Writing Days

I couldn’t be happier! I love waking up on my “Writing Days.”  I get my cup of coffee, pour over photos and notes from some of my travels, and tap away on my keyboard, reveling in the process of getting my stories and articles to take shape and form.

I’m still working as an event manager and love my work, but having my writing become a more significant part of my life has truly helped me “Get My Groove Back!”



  • Minneapolis City Lake
  • Santiago, Chile
  • English Garden (Cotswolds)
  • Paris, France


 🎧 Song: Turn the Beat Around (Gloria Estafan version) 

Susan Brauer

Susan Brauer

Brauer Consulting Group

Susan Brauer is an Independent Corporate Event Manager with more than 20 years of experience working with organizations to help them create meetings and events that focus on set goals and objectives to maximize return on investment (ROI). She is also a Freelance Travel Writer with several published articles and the author of BizTravelerWorld, a blog that focuses on helping business travelers enjoy their travel more. When she’s not working on events or writing, she can be found walking or biking around the lakes in Minneapolis, finding a club to listen to live music, or traveling the world with her husband Mark.