Meet Teresa Thomas, founder 50 Fun Things™

Award-winning speaker, facilitator.
Author of Win/Win Networking and 50 Fun Things

“When you have your groove, you just feel so right in yourself, you feel right in who you are, how you’re showing up in the world, how you’re interacting. You have that inner sense of alignment that you’re just being who you need to be. And sometimes we lose a sense of that…
I took an action a little over two years ago… I was approaching my 50th birthday. I made this decision that I was going to find my voice and I was going to speak it.”
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My go-to favorites areLouis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World  and
John Lennon’s Imagine


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More About Teresa

In her 25 years as a professional connector, Teresa has facilitated hundreds of networking events, presented for countless groups, and helped thousands to connect and grow.

She is the recipient of the 2019 Women in Business Champion through the Small Business Association (SBA) of Minnesota. Teresa is also named as one of 2019 50 Over 50 leaders by AARP and Pollen.

Networking expert, author, facilitator and professional speaker Teresa Thomas energizes and empowers!

In her highly interactive style, she packs her presentations with “how-tos,” humor and inspiration, leaving people excited about creating meaningful connections and accomplishing their personal and professional goals.

People leave Teresa’s Win/Win Networking and 50 Fun Things™ workshops and seminars with new insights and practical strategies that are ready to put into action. Equip your team, staff, members or students to gain critical skills needed to master networking and to proactively build their network before they hit a crisis point.

Teresa provides networking presentations, workshops and facilitated networking mixers in an engaging format. Most recently, Teresa created the popular 50 Fun Things™ workshop and tools for participants to intentionally invite more joy, fulfillment and meaningful connection into their personal and professional lives.

Teresa created the Win/Win Connects Pillars to:

  1. Create win-win meaningful connections.
  2. Discover and apply new networking and professional development tools.
  3. Energize and motivate through uplifting community.

At the core of each of these pillars is a commitment to joy and fulfillment for all involved.

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