Meet Wendy Blomseth

“I am in my groove in my ‘Photography Zone.’ I can make time stand still. There’s nothing except being in the moment.”

In a Pause, Ready for a Flip

Anyone remember 33 1/3  rpm record albums?  Remember that each album had about six songs on it with grooves for space in between songs?

I think I’ve lived through those six songs on side one already and I’ve paused for a time in the spaces in between.  Wherever I was, however, I was leaning into the light, to “my people” and to the beautiful moments that simply had to be photographed.  They could not be passed by or I would be left with an eternal yearning for what might have been.

Creatively, I am at my happiest and in my groove when in my photography zone.  I can make time stand still when I’m “seeing the light” in the person and my subjects.  There is nothing that is happening except being in the moment focused on creating beautiful images.  I’ve created four milestone bodies of photography work and captured 1,000’s of random images created in the moment.

Professionally, I’ve always been known as “the connector.”  In a recent personal development workshop, my newly crafted “I AM” exercise birthed the statement

“I AM connecting people together with love, kindness, creativity, success and joy.”

I do this as an affiliate with Send Out Cards and you’ll see my photography on those cards as well.

Right now, like the rest of the world, I’m in “The Pause.”  I treasure some moments at home where I can find breath, calm, peace and safety, and yet I yearn for connection, laughing and hugging my people and traveling to discover magical moments to photograph.  I’m slowly experiencing the benefits of in-home exercise and may have finally slowed down enough to enjoy yoga (flashback to high impact aerobics in the 80’s).

I‘m digging into my groove at home, breathing through the times of fear and anxiety, and dreaming of the days ahead when I can flip this album and start a new series of songs that sing a happier tune.

“OMG. this song gets me up and dancing every time.   Summertime has been recorded dozens of times and they’re all good but this one is on my favorite list. – Wendy

More about Wendy:

When my life is ideal I am focused on   CREATING still life, fine art photography.

SPREADING JOY helping others see the beauty in their business, their brand and themselves

MAKING CONNECTIONS AND BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS based  on trusting,  respectful  partnerships

COLLABORATING AND PROBLEM SOLVING  as a big picture visionary turning challenges into measurable  successes

COMMUNICATING at an expert level as photographer, speaker,

EARNING A LIVABLE WAGE  leveraging my social media network, passion for branding and seasoned business development experience.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AND CONSCIOUS GROWTH  as I truly believe that every day is a learning experience and my journey includes continual knowledge and improvement so that the more I know, the more I can give   Per Strength Finder 2.0 my

Top 5 Themes are:

  • ACTIVATOR:  make things happen by turning thoughts into actions
  • LEARNER: has a great desire to learn and want to continuously improve
  • COMMUNICATION:  find it easy to put thoughts into words, good conversationalists and presenter
  • INDIVIDUALIZATION: intrigued with the unique qualities of each person, study/educate/inform others
  • HARMONY: practical, realistic and creator of well-defined action plans with sequenced steps and due dates.

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