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Aimee Zwaap & Stephanie Foley

Aimee Zwaap & Stephanie Foley are life-artists from the east and west coast who navigate mythical, imaginal, and magical realms. Treasures found are shared in online communities to to spark souls and collectively magnetize creativity.

NY + WA United States

Our Song:

Nahko Bear

(Medicine for the People)

ღ Aloha Ke Akua

Our Story

“We” are Aimee and Stephanie. Already on a path to building deeper community connections online, the quarantine magnified our realization of the importance of having online communities to uplift and inspire each other.

We met synchronistically through a course on Wonder, and feel wholeheartedly that the fairies brought us together. One four hour conversation later and we were well on our way to becoming fast friends and creative collaborators beginning a year of growing a wide range of projects. One common denominator is that the faeries continued to weave their way into each project and we have now wholeheartedly embraced them as our muses to help spread their messages! We launched our online community – the enchanted wilds of Moon Feather Hollow, a faerie filled realm where mythical muses conspire to ignite your imagination! You’ll find nature lovers in Willow’s Whistling Wilds, makers in Capri’s Crafting Cove, and scenic wonders in Peppertwig’s Wandering Path. Explore books in Athena’s Attic Archives, Moon Mysteries in Luna’s Labyrinth, or write poetry and prose in Will-O-Wisp’s Valley of Verse. Explore wonder, wisdom and whimsey in portals of possibility. It’s all designed to reacquaint you with your inner wildling, open you up to new ideas and help you rediscover the wonder and enchantment available in everyday life. It’s housed in a Mighty Network, and we are seeing the potential of this platform.

With Moon as muse, our community is structured around her phases. Creative themes, discussions, prompts, zoom craft sessions, and magical moon mail are free to all members each cycle. Venture into Premium Portals such as Lady Isabella’s Shimmerbrook Chateau for monthly Tea & Tarot by appeasing a shapeshifting cat. Enter Seasonal Portals with offerings to their Keepers—Pixies, Dragons, Mermaids, and Unicorns. Every engagement is designed to draw out your inner wildling, spark new ideas and help you rediscover the wonder and enchantment available in everyday life. What looks like play from the surface is really a much deeper journey into nature and ourselves!

What are Seasonal Portals?

Overflowing with moon magic, journal crafting, and soul practices, we deep dive into the magnetic flow of creation—rhythms of nature. Every season we get out in nature, forage the land for crafting supplies, and collect talismans—mementos for our seasonal altars or treasure boxes. When we connect with the seasonal muses, we attune our internal compasses to navigational magic. Self empowerment happens when we use our hands and natural materials to craft and create. We explore our agency through journal prompts, divination, and creating art. Then, expressing our truest selves and forming relationships with others, we experience the alchemy of a Wild Circle. Keeping time with the Moon, we delve into spirit animals, goddesses, and symbols. Each season has it’s own Wild Circle:

In Spring – The Season of Wings & Whispers – we will awaken our Wildling curiosity, celebrate Ostara and Beltaine, attune to the element Air and unravel the Pixie Paradox.

In Summer – The Season of Bloom & Balefire – we run wild with our Wanderling nature, celebrate Litha and Lunasa, connect with the element Fire and unleash our Dragon Potential.

In Autumn – The Season of Mist & Magic – we embrace our Wonderling inclinations, celebrate Mabon and Samhain, connect with the element Water and dive into the Mermaid Dreamscape.

In Winter – The Season of Roots & Bones – we admit we are sovereign Wiselings, celebrate Yule and Imbolc, connect with the element Earth and delve into Unicorn Opportunities.

Aimee is an industrial designer of products and furniture, turned TV producer/developer, turned artist, teacher, entrepreneur, creative consultant and community creator. After living in LA and Phoenix for a decade she now finds herself back on the 132 acres of magical forest and nature where she grew up in western NY. There she started a business and taught thousands of people how to paint on up-cycled vinyl records. She led fairy house camps and retreats for kids and adults and on the side, developed a television series about the faerie realm. Following two days of interviewing on camera an elf and dragon through a trance channel, she became dedicated to spreading awareness of the faerie realm and their message. While mainstream cable wasn’t quite ready to air a docu-series which portrays the faerie realm to an honorable standard, she has since pursued other avenues. Cue Stephanie…

Stephanie grew up in the wilderness along the shores of Lake Superior and now lives in the Pacific Northwest. This grand trine air sign stays grounded in nature while she explores the imaginal realm with the faeries. She has studied & practiced transpersonal psychology, community building, art, quantum physics, energy anatomy, shamanism, astrology, mathematics, music, and cultural studies. She drew connections and became good at spotting the themes and threads that spoke to the art-of-living. Currently an Enchanted Life Guide, she offers wisdom, wonder & whimsy to help other explorers navigate the internal territory of ideas, personal growth, and creative expression. She shines during collaborative projects where she helps spark ideas, keeps a sense of playfulness in the act of creation, and maintains system level vision for big-picture innovations.

More About Stephanie + Aimee

Aimee Zwaap & Stephanie Foley are life-artists from the east and west coast who’ve navigated mythical, imaginal, and magical realms. Our ventures revealed that the art of living an enchanted life is the regular practice of suspending disbelief, connecting to something beyond what can be seen, and feeding our wild nature. It became our mission to spark souls and collectively magnetize creativity. The Muses urged us to develop out virtual landscape, The Enchanted Wilds of Moon Feather Hollow into a free online community housed in a Mighty Network.

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