Meet Amy Walsh 💃 Amy Walsh, Visual Artist and Brand Educator

Amy Walsh, Visual Artist and Brand Educator

I’m a lifelong artist, visual culture nerd, educator and activist, here to build worlds with you. — Amy

Providence, RI (Narragansett land)

United States

Les Bon Bons Des Raisons


…it’s hopeful to me, and the melody could carry me through hours of artmaking… — Amy

My Story 

Audio highlights

  • 01:23 on the dream of being big in the art world
  • 03:05 on her early journey as an artist
  • 04:17 on my first museum exhibit
  • 05:31 on being proud of the work, but exhausted & exploited
  • 07:01 on controversy and realization
  • 07:17 on breaking up with the art world
  • 11:48 on how it informs her work today
  • 14:43 on reconnecting with the art world on her own terms

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More About Amy

Amy Walsh is the founder of the Bureau of Tactical Imagination. Through a training program and community called The Visonary Syndicate, she helps small business owners create imaginative, ethical, unique brands that grow their businesses and contribute to culture in a way they can be proud of.

Amy’s background as a visual artist, university educator and activist powers her work in the small business world, keeping small business owners connected to their creative confidence and deepest held values while building great brands.


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