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Barbara Zuleger

I am a Coach, Business Owner, Serial Entrepreneur, Mom, Wife, Grandma, Trainer.
Lover of wine and chocolate, sunshine and thunderstorms. I believe a problem can always be solved when we replace “I am right ” with “I am curious”; and we are all temporary so let’s leave this world a better place.

Minneapolis/St. Paul MN USA



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My Story

How I Reset My Mojo

Unable to sleep…again. Laying in bed with dozens of voices making a lot of noise in my head. Anxiety making my heart race, and my mouth dry. I was so caught up in the chaos of the moment that I was afraid to choose any direction.

Ten years ago I was a few years into my career shift to a business coach. I had put every ounce of myself into the transition. With the full support of my husband and kids I had jumped into the deep end to do something I was really passionate about that was meant to change the financial trajectory of my family. I learned is that reality isn’t always what you want it to be.

While I had seen some success, and I had grown immensely, what I had expected, been promised, and what I really needed was not materializing. I was literally turning myself inside out trying to be someone I was not. I needed a mojo shift or my career, my family, my health was not going to survive. I knew something had to change. I just did not have the answer as to what or how to do it.

So I stopped.

My shift started with a choice. I had done everything within my power to fit the situation and it was not working. I made the choice to stop trying, striving, fighting. To stop trying to fit into a toxic culture that I did not fit into. I let go of control and was relived and terrified at the same time.

Letting go is an intentional process.

I had dabbled with meditation before, but now it was essential for sanity. I found a short hypnosis / meditation / prayer online that lead me through the process of letting go and letting God. Whatever name you use, God, energy, universe, supreme being, does not matter to me. I had to let go and allow a force bigger than myself to lead me where I needed to be. In the process I learned, really deep down learned, something that I had kind of always believed.

Today is today and tomorrow is tomorrow.

What this meant for my mojo shift at the time, was that I would set my boundaries and continue within those boundaries until a door closed or a new one appeared. It took time and practice ,but what I learned is that life truly is a journey. When we try too hard to hold onto something that needs to go our mojo cannot flow. This not a one and done lesson, I have to remind myself regularly that planning, focusing, doing what needs to be done is still important, and it is different than striving too hard in something that is just not right for me.

During the past year, the infamous 2020 full of COVID and social unrest, I again found myself needing, well…something. I felt stuck, unable to move forward, somedays unable to do much of anything. Things weren’t bad. My family stayed healthy, while our businesses were strongly impacted, we were managing. I just felt empty.

Letting go of my expectations

This is hard for a coach! I teach planning, focus, taking things one step at a time; how to “Unlock the Power of Daily Success.”  But I was unable to do anything some days.  Hard to know what came first – a flare in a chronic health condition or the stress I allowed in.  The two combined knocked me out some days.

Was there something in my situation seriously wrong that needed to change, or did I need to change how I looked at my situation?

This time was different than the experience I had a decade ago when I had to intentionally change my situation. This time I needed to go deep inside. What I found was that it was okay to slow down for now. This created a healthy oasis in the middle of a world in chaos. This is different than sticking my head in the sand. I stayed aware of what was going on, while limiting my intake of it. I worked and did everything I could to help my clients through a tough year, and I worried less about big personal increases. I spent more time with my family, yes even during the lock down. My kids, all adults now, decided early on that quarantining did not mean staying away from family dinners or overnights at Grandma’s house, something I am extremely grateful for.

A step back.

Taking a step back from the push of building a business was a balance. A balance of not creating a lot of pressure to move forward during a difficult time, while not moving backward either.

Now, 4 months into 2021, I am seeing my spark return a little at a time. My mojo is shifted again, and it feels different! Different is good. New growth is different. Learning to embrace the changes, the chaos, the difficult and the different helps me manage shifts in mojo whether they mean a change in situation is required, or a change in how I look at the situation.

“Dig deep to reconnect with why you do what you do, rediscover your passion and find a renewed energy to build your sustainable and profitable business. Create the quality of life you want; with the business you love.”

An opportunity for growth.

This quote is from my course Reset Your Business Mojo. If I am having these experiences, so are many other entrepreneurs. What I learn on my journey as an entrepreneur often becomes a blog, a lesson, or a course. Creating a process around it helps me better understand my own growth process. What I know is that for anything to change, first something must change.

Embrace the opportunity to choose what that change is for you. 


More about Barb

1989 – 2001 worked a ‘real job’ on the evening shift at North Memorial Hospital
1996 – After announcing “I want nothing to do with owning a business” bought one with my husband It has gone through many modifications and is still alive and well today.
2001 – With 5 kids at home, another business to run, purchase an 2nd existing business. It failed – I learned.
2009 – Jumped into business coaching as a franchisee.
2012 – Left the franchise to make a real difference for my business owners, living the dream ever since, well most of the time

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