Meet Briana Rose Lee 💃 (she/her) Digital Organizer – Activist – Filmmaker – Optimist

Briana Rose Lee (she/her)

Digital Organizer – Activist – News Junkie – Filmmaker – Optimist

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list! 

Minneapolis MN US

What’s Up

by 4 Non Blondes


…the song “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes is a song that I feel very cheesy saying because it’s like the most overdone karaoke song, but it’s because it’s so good.

If sometimes things are popular, because they’re really great.

I related to it when I was 25. But  you realize at the end , she was talking about the past because nothing changed. And she kept seeing those same problems. And I’m like, “this song is so relatable”

And the lyrics in that song are fantastic and so relatable.

This is my power song because not only do I rock it at karaoke! I love the lyrics. I just genuinely love that song.

My Story

I think Mojo is whatever gets you going, what what gets you up in the morning? What keeps you up at night. What excites you? What drives you. I think it’s that inner force. I want to just be like MOJO! I am still on my journey of claiming my mojo. 

Timestamps for the “highlights”  so you can “cut to the chase”  [Full Transcript available in the Village for those who like to read along.]

  • 00:24 On Mojo
  • 01:04 Turning Point 
  • 01:58 Working in a Male Dominated Industry
  • 03:19 I Can Wear Glitter to Work + I’m Still In Charge!
  • 03:42 Social Change
  • 04:29 Pandemic offered an Opportunity to Get Involved
  • 05:25 Act Local
  • 06:21 Resilience

More about Briana

Briana graduated with a BA in Theatre Arts and a double minor in both Communications and Ancient Greek Culture from the University of Minnesota. Briana is a freelancer in the production and AD departments for commercial, independent feature/short film, music videos. Briana also works at Ilhan for Congress as a deep canvasser focused on Medicare for All. In her free time, Briana enjoys dance classes, art museums, traveling, cooking (spicy food) and going to see musicals.  She serves as Vice-Chair for Minneapolis DFL, on the board of MN Women in Film and TV and is a regular volunteer with Greenpeace. 

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