Meet Kery Knutson, Founder & Communication Coach-sultant šŸ’ƒ UpLevel Consulting

Kery Knutson

My mission is to create more heart-led leaders in the world! We’ll do this by using my model: The 8 C’s of Enduring Power.

Boynton Beach Florida US
30 Women, 30 Stories: Meet Kery Knutson

My Song:

Resilient by Rising Appalachia | Music speaks to me deeply! In fact in the theory of multiple intelligences by Gardner, it’s in my top 3!

Kery’s Story

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family. I saw both the trials and the triumphs. And it wasn’t my first choice to become a business owner either. I went to work in corporate, government, nonprofit, and higher education before I found my path as an entrepreneur. Working in marketing all those years, I had to wield influence — and do it with little direct authority. I had to get people on board with my cause even if they didn’t care about it. I had to persuade. I had to effectively convey my message in a way that moved them into action. The biggest, most complex factor in all businesses are… the people. That’s why I work with people to become a person of influence and do it in a heart-led way. Now that’s power!

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