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Leah Lovelight Michael

Author | Creator | Believer of Woman | Energy Amplifier | Warrior of Love | soulFull Teacher | Lover of Choice | Embodiment Attunement | Soul Liberator | Transformer of Fear

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My Story

My name is Leah Lovelight Michael. Thank you Athena Village for giving me the opportunity to connect women and their stories to each other. What a spectacular opportunity to be part of this.

How do I summarize my story in three to five minutes? Where to even begin?

Watch my Story 

Timestamps for the “highlights”  so you can “cut to the chase”  [Full Transcript available in the Village for those who like to read along.]

  • [00:15] Where to even begin? … I grew up very hard and very jaded.
  • [00:56] I went to school,  got my very first job… into the corporate America dream.
  • [01:20] … I had the thought one day, “what would it be like to be 100% happy?”
  • [01:25] At 29…  serious breakdown… purchased a one-way ticket to Nairobi and went on a walkabout
  • [02:08] One day in Cairo a cab driver taps his heart and says “you have a strong heart” And I said, “Yes, I think I do.”
  • [02:35] That’s when my journey changed.
  • [03:04] 10 years after Cairo it inspired me to write my book, Modern Fear: The Invisible Prison
  • [03:52] And my business Reveal Retreat was created.
  • [04:17] So that’s a little bit about me and a little bit about what I’m breathing into the world.

More About Leah

I am the co-creator of REVEAL Retreats, founder of Lovelight Way, author of Modern Fear The Invisible Prison, XCHANGE Certified Guide, intenSati Leader, and a soulFULL teacher for elevating humanity. I support change-makers, soul seekers, intuitive curious, and heart centered people.

I am a student of life, a connoisseur of people, and a leader in self-discovery.

Through deep inner work, radical self-acceptance, applied understanding of sociology, reiki, craniosacral therapy and the support of teachers and guides along my way, I have found a path to self-liberation. I believe that the change of the world starts within, and I am on a mission to support those that want to support others, so that collectively we all rise together.

How to Connect with Leah

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