Meet Melinda Nakagawa 💃 Nature Connection Mentor, Spark in Nature

Melinda Nakagawa 

Bridging nature, art and heart to open your eyes to wonder

Castroville, CA US

2 songs that sustained me and reminded me of the inner fire that was burning when the external world was collapsing, were “Love My Life” by Robbie Williams and “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten.

In fact Fight Song I played over and over in my earphones during the darkest time of my work life– to remind me of my power, my creatorship–knowing that I am moving thru this to something far better– that I just needed to trust and believe and hold my head high instead of letting life beat me down.

And, here I am today…

My Story

I’m a nature connection mentor, and I teach people how to do nature journaling and how to get out to see more nature. I bridge science, nature, art and heart to bring it all together so that we can start to see more, rather than just look at what’s going on in nature. And I’m going to talk a little bit about how I got here…


Watch My Story! [6:49]

Nature Journaling

When we spend time in nature, it reduces stress it, it resets your nervous system, it helps with memory and concentration, it helps bring some joy and resilience into your life. Nature journaling is really just about being in nature, observing what you see, slowing down. The journal helps us transition from this busy doing-state to the slower being-state. We get to be in nature, experience it.


I teach people how to get that 3-dimensional nature experience onto a 2-D page.  Enjoy!  [4:52]

More About Melinda

Melinda Nakagawa, M.Sc., is a biologist, naturalist, and educator with a passion and skill for connecting people to nature. She founded Spark in Nature to guide participants to cultivate a deeper relationship with the natural world, slowing down to nature’s pace and seeing rather than just looking at the world.

With an approach that bridges nature, art and heart, she welcomes all people regardless of their skill level or background. Through her guidance, hundreds of participants have awakened their spark of curiosity, sense of wonder, and connection to the natural world.


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