Meet Paola De Giovanni 💃 Meanmagenta Marbling & Photography

Paola De Giovanni

Avid learner, creative rebel with a penchant for marbling, flower photography and fibre arts.
I am a photographer, textile designer, fashion historian

This is a funny YouTube video I discovered by chance – a song sung by an Italian singer famous in the 1970s, (as I was told by someone who was already around in those days). 

I love the retro vibes and also because he sings words that may sound like English, but makes absolute no sense to any English speaking person,

…here’s the video – check it out and dance along:

My Story

I’m originally from Genoa, Italy. I studied photography and graphic arts in Florence and Venice.

I moved to the UK where I gained a degree in Design Studies and then a Master degree in Fashion History at the London College of Fashion.

As a textile designer, I’m very passionate about photography and always keen to learn and experiment with new art techniques. During the global epidemic, I discovered the ancient technique called marbling and put together an impressive body of prints.

The origins of marbling — the ancient technique of creating bewitching, swirling patterns of pigment on water and capturing them on paper — remains shrouded in mystery. Japanese aristocrats practiced a related, largely monochromatic technique, called suminagashi (“floating ink”), to enhance calligraphy and haiku… – NYTimes 


What started as a creative way to cope with the emotional stress caused by the pandemic, soon became a stunning range of wall art, cushions and silk/velvet scarves.

This medium for me is a form of active meditation: soothing, liberating, and empowering.

My marbling artwork is often digitally put into repeats to create seamless and symmetrical patterns to suggest balance, reciprocity and elegance.

My work in marbling art is available as limited editions of matt prints, in various formats – all have a Certificate of Authenticity.  Each artwork is printed on matt Hahnemuhle paper, and archival inks to guarantee colour fastness. I also turn this work into cotton/velvet cushions, bean bags, silk/velvet scarves, and soon as lamp shades and wallpaper!

For more examples watch the short video

In addition I’ve begun accepting bespoke orders, commissions and collaborations with stylists and interior designers.


  • [05:18] Visuals of Paola’s work
  • 01:18 you’ll see a demo of how Paola actually creates her gorgeous marbling designs!

Co-starring The Little Panther.

More About Paola

Meet The Little Panther, Paola‘s studio assistant and occasional agent.

Paola De Giovanni is a textile designer, marbling artist and photographer, graduate of the London College of Fashion, MA-Fashion Studies. Under the label Meanmagenta Marbling Art & Photography, she creates unique wall art, fine art photo prints and home deco accessories inspired by her marbling prints.


Where to Connect with Paola

and Visit the Visual Artists Association Online Art Exhibition 2021. Paola is exhibiting her work there along with other artists.

Join us for one of our Athena Village Salons or AHA Conversations


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