Meet Sharon Payne 💃 Healer Musician

Sharon Payne, Healer, Songstress

Writer, editor, musician, healer, project manager. Looking for new ways to jump start the next phase of my life!

Twin Cities MN US

My Song

I couldn’t choose just one!  so Get Up by Mary Mary “what are you afraid of? don’t you know what you are made of?”!!
and But the World Goes ‘Round performed by Liza Minelli from New York New York.  It’s a song about mojo!

My Mojo Stories



More About Sharon

Sharon Payne wears many hats … and she loves each one!

She is a life-long learner with an inquisitive mind and the curiosity to ask “why” and to seek new growth. Sharon is a successful project leader with over 20 years of experience in the educational assessment and survey research industries, working in both business development and project management. In addition to project leadership, Sharon is a natural communicator with exceptional interpersonal, written, and verbal skills and has been a writer, editor, and writing instructor. She often takes on freelance writing and editing jobs.

Sharon has been a musician since as far back as she can remember. Her early musical experiences including singing “God Bless America” at a family reunion at age 4! She has sung in numerous choral groups over the years, has played the piano for over 40 years, and played the bassoon from grade school into her 30s. Music is one of the most important ways that Sharon keeps her mojo alive, and she has recently taken up playing classical guitar as well.

Sharon has studied the healing arts of Reiki and Qigong and is a Reiki Master, trained through Stone Circle Reiki, and a Qigong Level 3 Practitioner, trained through Spring Forest Qigong. She hopes to expand her healing practice during the next year, to bring the benefit of energy healing to many.

Finally, Sharon is the mom to a totally amazing 22-year-old son, whom she adores with all her heart.

Where to Find Sharon

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