Meet Shatriece Williams 💃

Shatriece (she/her) Career to Startup Coach

Often the Only in the room, I am dedicated to empowering Black Women to level-up our careers so that we can increase our income, forge stronger ties, and Rise.
Founder of DiversityRising.Org

California US

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My Story

OMG! Edamame is not a Green Bean?!

It was like chewing through plastic, I wanted to spit it out but there was nowhere to hide. I had already popped the thing in my mouth and started eating it whole. Is my co-worker looking down on me?

Yes, because she was 6′ tall and I am 5’2″… but it felt like she was looking down on me because I was exposed, lol! It was my first time being invited to a work-thing at a co-worker’s house. Everything was unfamiliar: what to wear, who would be there, the whole situation was a stretch for me. What the heck is small talk anyway, I was 29-years old and the Only Black girl in tech in the room. 

The Unfamiliar

Navigating corporate dynamics includes more than work assignments. It’s figuring out the people, politics, and sometimes the beans.

Super awkward moments for me included:

  • My first job interview over lunch, what do I order?
  • First happy hour, what do I drink?
  • $562 to pay for a client dinner meeting not knowing the privilege goes to the highest-ranked manager…while hoping I have the money on a credit card.
  • Getting a $255 Cash Advance Loan the first time I traveled for work.

I got through it. I learned how to eat edamame by observing the host. Apparently, you put one in your mouth and slide out the beans with your teeth, discarding the pod. I now love edamame warmed with salt and pepper. I also like green beans 

The Green Bean

Doing the familiar can be a coping strategy. We all have them.

Lesson: If you are sticking to green beans, staying in your comfort zone — you are not taking the risk and navigating the unfamiliar. 

Pushing past the unfamiliar, my income hit $250,000+ a year and I almost became Vice President of a tech company in Santa Monica. I navigated the unfamiliar from Compton to Corporate, and so can you!

You got this, sis!
Love, Shatriece (she/her)

More About Shatriece

From elementary school age I grew up moving twice a year changing schools. My mother never had a career, only temporary jobs. Her lack of career disrupted my options and I knew it wasn’t right.

I wanted to know how Black women advance in their career without leadership that looked like us. To navigate Corporate America, I studied corporations like a culture; with language, customs, expectations, and results. I crafted a career rising to Senior Director of a tech company in Los Angeles making $250,000+ a year. I’ve helped dozens get promoted and impacted hundreds of lives.
SkyRise is bringing together Black women seeking career advancement so that we can transform our work-life, make more money, and inspire others to rise.

Where to Find Shatriece

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