Meet Virginia Wilcox 💃 Mother, Founder & Chief Listening Officer @ Amplify The Heart

Virginia Wilcox

In process, REINVENTING myself as a creative entrepreneur to AMPLIFY THE HEART of women in leadership. Heart-centered leadership is the future of business.

Highland UT US

It’s always emotionally resonant to connect through music.

These songs will certainly help you get to know me and the approach I take on life…


This song is very DEEP and PERSONAL. I commissioned this song to be written about my experience becoming a mother.
I think I did it to try to help myself process my own grief. Not entirely certain. Anyway, I cannot listen to it without sobbing. Enjoy!

“Hard” by Family Friend: AUDIO ONLY

Written and performed by Family Friend (find them on Patreon and have them write a song for YOU too!)

Here is a video of Family Friend covering “I’m There Too” by Michelle Featherstone…Let’s walk our path in community!!!

My Story

My story, oh my goodness, when Kelly approached me for this, and was like, Oh my god, do I really want to tell the truth about like, the shit-tastic class, like five years or not. It’s just like even just telling you the story, again, feels so much for my body, I think part of me would just like rather forget and just be like, moving on moving on with life. But I think it’s really important to set some context. So yeah, I had a nervous breakdown at work. I was working on Madison Avenue for corporate like global company and had been working as an executive assistant for like six years in my little isolation tower up there in the skyscraper. I think I was just deeply, deeply unhappy and deeply not recognizing that. 

– Virginia

Click above to listen to Virginia’s story in her own words, in her own voice. 

Timestamps for the “highlights”  below so you can “cut to the chase”…for busy people. (Aren’t we all?)  [Full Transcript available in the Village for those who like to read along.]

0:40 – Nervous Breakdown – “My body just started to cry”

2:03 – Leaving my job and moving to California – “How to find purpose?”

2:40 – Unexpected pregnancy – “Surprise!”

3:10 – Almost died in childbirth – “PTSD!”

3:24 – Moved to Japan to save a relationship – #Fail

3:50 – Deep depression and loneliness – “Dark times”

4:10 – Return to the US – “May not be able to survive this experience”

4:23 – COVID!!!! – “Am I prepared for this challenge?”

5:20 – I cannot single-parent in a pandemic

5:40 – HELP!!! – Reaching out (lots of emails)

5:55 – “Any friend of mine shouldn’t be alone during this time”

6:23 – Opportunity in Utah – Safety and Reevaluation of LIFE

7:00 – “How build something that’s long-term-sustainable?”

7:40 – Entrepreneur!!!! – Be my own BOSS and call the shots? #scary

8:00 – Searching for Community – “Who is inspiring to me?”

8:22 – Women’s Business Accelerator (Shout-out to Ash Robinson!!!)

8:26 – Stanford University CCARE’s Applied Compassion Training

8:40 – Building a future with a sense of purpose and FUN!

9:45 – The process of defining (myself), refining (my path), experimenting (with and reclaiming my own value)

10:15 – Reciprocal relationships with people who love and value me

10:40 – Rebooting – Making the best use of the resources I have right now

11:20 – Getting still and quiet

11:30 – Trusting my intuition and serendipity – “That will baby-step me down a pathway to a better life-experience than I’ve been having…for a very long time.”

12:50 – How to connect with me? (Patreon – Virginia Wilcox)

13:05 – Burnt out? Need to reinvent your relationship to your work? Illuminate 2021

13:40 – Women who are looking to create better balance between the inner and outer worlds of your business-building

15:04 – Resting when rest is needed – Attuning to the body’s needs

16:05 – Grab your journal!!! Set your New Moon Intention. Activity!!!

19:35 – Cameo appearance from my toddler!!!! 

20:50 – Welcoming Magic and Serendipity – The incredible value of this process

21:30 – Gratitude (and giant thank you to Mike Kimlicko for audio mix assistance & Kelly + joy for this opportunity to share and be witnessed)

More about Virginia

I’m looking for women who want to grow their businesses and attract clients they LOVE to work with. The medium I love is AUDIO. The VOICE that the world needs is YOURS. When you speak from the HEART you attract the humans that you are HERE on this planet to serve. Listening is the revolution. Compassion is the way. Let’s de-stigmatize LEADING FROM THE HEART in business. I don’t know about you, but I make my BEST DECISIONS when my heart is in the driver’s seat. The mind will always make sense of it …later. When the mind quiets down and the heart speaks…THAT’s worth listening to. Let’s talk.


Where to Find Virginia

***Activity !!! Grab your journal !!!***

Grab your journal for new moon activity at the end of recording and/or JOIN ME LIVE ON ZOOM on May 11 to set your new moon intention in community, offering a fee guided self-reflection experience lead by Kerri Van Kirk and Virginia Wilcox (me).

  • When: May 11, 2021 07:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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