Meet Nancy Gerber 💃

Nancy Gerber

Wisdom – Calm – Peace – Family – Community – Spirituality. 

“And in the  end the love you take is equal to the love you make.”
– Lennon and McCartney

Minneapolis MN US

Carly Simon’s “Coming Around Again” got me through a lot! But really any classic rock. Led Zeppelin, Boston, or Carole King… the music of my youth.


Pressure is Lifted

Career Choices


Reclaiming My Mojo


Mojo + Music

Nancy’s Toolbox

I have what I call my “toolbox,” so to speak, of what I do to maintain peace, my calm, my health. It’s come together come over the years.  One day our Hospital president asked me if I would speak to a group of 200 managers, and directors and vice presidents about how I maintain calm; sharing what I call my “toolbox.”

When our President asked me to share this, I was very grateful, it felt very, very good.  Scared to death! But very good!

My toolbox has always contained a multitude of things. It’s come with the flow that has been my life.  I’ll be a recruiter. Now I’ll be a manager, I’ll be a director; I don’t really want to be a director anymore. I think I’ll be a generalist; and I’ve had all those opportunities.  I’ve been lucky that people have let me have those, you know, kind of assisted me and having those opportunities. These things in my toolbox have helped me make the decisions and maintain my calm and peace throughout. [watch Pressure is Lifted | Career Choices}

And it all started at 16 trying to find that peace in my life.

In the last few years I realized, I thought, “Whoa, I’m there. I’ve reached it.”

And, you know whether I’ve reached self-actualization on Maslow’s hierarchy, I don’t know.

But that’s kind of what it feels like. I certainly have my days when I am stressed when I am anxious. It’s changed in the last, I don’t know, five or six years.

My Toolbox


Years ago a therapist recommended an acupuncturist. She was pregnant at the time and her son is 16 years old. So I’ve been having acupuncture for 16 years that every two or three weeks.  Acupuncture levels up your meridians, your chakras and balances them..


I’ve gone to therapy when I’ve needed it. That has been an important thing to do.


Exercise has always been kind of near and dear to my heart: weights yoga, running then moved to walking At 63 yoga is really important to me and really balances my day – I do yoga in the morning.

But I also lift weights and, and walk every day, no matter what the temperature is. So my husband and I get all fixed up and we go.


It’s been self-help books. Continuing to learn and seek new ideas.


And it’s been Spirituality – Kelly moving back to Minneapolis and saying, “I’m going to go back to Unity” A spirituality center focused on really looking through intention and having intention for being a positive person and all that positivity brings into your life. And so I went back to Unity. And that made a huge difference.


I have a group of women that I’m close to. We meet regularly and that helps. I have several different groups of women that I meet with, but particularly one group, through Unity that I’ve connected with Kelly is a part of that. And I it makes a huge difference in my life. [watch Reclaiming My Mojo]

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