ALICE (not the diner)

A few years ago, the United Way developed the ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) dataset.


While the census and bureau of labor statistics are still important, this dataset highlights and showcases the underlying reason so many in the US, despite its apparent wealth, struggle financially.

This information, founded and maintained by the United Way, is a study of financial hardship at the national level in order to better understand economic disparity within and across states

For example, in 2018, about a quarter of the population in Minnesota was living in financial hardship, one crisis away from poverty. Perhaps you were (are) part of this hardship cohort, or know someone who is – how might your services assist them?

Here are a few ways to use this information:

  • When building your next offering understand the financial constraints in your region
  • Confirm you are paying a fair wage (not just the minimum stated by outdated state & federal laws)  and not contributing to financial instability

How might you use this data?

Here is a link to one of their national reports, if you’d like to learn more,

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