When Play Becomes a Career

The beach is my happy place. Swaying in a hammock on the beach – pure bliss.

I’m a travel lover, nomadic soul and a rolling stone. A vegetarian for over 30 years, I tend to have more compassion for animals than people – they have no voice.

I am passionate about helping women of all ages grow in business, life, career and joy. This passion has manifested itself throughout my life in many ways. And always at the very core has been an underlying love of producing meaningful and transformational events that bring people together.

My first events:

I’m guessing I was about 8 years old when I hosted my first backyard Muscular Dystrophy Carnival fundraiser. I ordered my kit and started gathering the neighborhood kids to help and to attend. I set up game stations around my backyard and canvased the neighborhood with flyers to let everyone know that THIS was the place to be. It was my first, and certainly not my last.

By high school I was organizing girls outings, class parties (some of which I got in big trouble for) and other fundraising events.

In my college sorority, I held the office of Social Chair – planning parties and philanthropic events. And of course all of my friends bachelorette parties, showers and baby showers along the way.

My college internship led me back to the Muscular Dystrophy Association where I co-created a community event to kick-off the annual Bike-A-Thon fundraiser. We brought together city leaders, local celebrities and local radio for tricycle races on a track running through a popular bar. The event brought attention to the Bike-A-Thon and the start of the fundraising drive.

I vividly recall during my junior year of high school one of my best friends saying to me as we were preparing for a party at her house, “I think you should be a party planner, it’s your calling.” Little did I know 20 years later that’s exactly what I would be doing, and getting paid for it.

It Becomes a Career

My career in training and development has led me to designing not only world class learning programs and events but also the celebrations and parties that come along with planning national conferences, awards programs and training sessions.

I have organized and choreographed a flash mob. Facilitated experiential leadership programs with blindfolded CEOs. Trained service company dispatchers inside the body of a DC10 aircraft. Hosted improvisational storytelling on the beach. Conceived and launched a women’s expo. I’ve designed curriculum for dozens of learning programs for industries as varied as diamond jewelry manufacturing and plumbing.

And still nearly 50 years after that first event my passion remains for creating experiences that change lives and businesses.

My personal brand promise: Never satisfied with ordinary.

Making It My Own

After creating both live and virtual trainings and events for corporations and associations for nearly 2 decades I made a difficult decision. I left a job I loved, working with people I loved to start my own business. I had accomplished so much and had done what I had come to do. It was time to get back to my true passion, working with women entrepreneurs in a way that is authentic to me. Truth, I no longer wanted to serve the agenda of others, but rather my own personal mission that had been carrying with me since my high school days.


I help entrepreneurial women who want help creating high value, high engagement live virtual events. I use my 30+ years of instructional design experience along with a lifetime of creating high transformational experiences to guide women in their own creation.

My clients have great knowledge and expertise to share, they want to create live virtual events. And they are overwhelmed and not sure where to even start. That’s where I come in.

Sheri Bennefeld

Sheri Bennefeld

traveler. creative. entrepreneur. nomad.


"My background is in training & development, marketing and association management. My mission is to provide tools, resources and guidance to help businesses grow." ā€“ Sheri

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