Village Salon Series

Salondefinition  a gathering led by an inspiring host to amuse + to increase our knowledge through conversation.

Our Village Salon Series and AHA (Ask Her Anything) Conversations offer monthly, interest-based gatherings that are free to members.

Join when you can, no long-term commitment necessary. Meet your Village neighbors! Have great conversations. The Salonnières are members of our Village Collective.

Salons have been taking place around the world in many forms since the 17th century and we’re continuing that tradition – virtually and in-person.


Salonnière definition a hostess of meaningful gatherings that facilitate profound conversations to spark change in the minds of the participants and the world. The feminine manifestation of this word represents a nurturing mind for the future, through collaboration and intuition. 

Idea Lab

Salonnière Kelly Pratt

Let’s talk about your idea, dream, or goal that’s been simmering on your back-burner. We’ll “dwell in possibility” and talk-2-think about what it would feel like to take one small step toward your “it.”

Monthly Self Care Connection

Salonnière Rachelle Niemann

Let’s come together to explore and connect with each other and self-care. We will talk a little, reflect a little, and have space to actively practice self-care together.

Collective Member Chantay Jennings Performance Partners Plus Start Your Biz Now

Save Your Sanity | Processes + Productivity

Salonnière Chantay Jennings

Gather together to talk about streamlining your processes.  Chantay will share her experiences with various productivity apps and systems.

Biz Talk

Salonnières From our Collective

A safe comfortable place to connect with other business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs & dreamers. You’ll have a sounding board, to help you talk through questions and strategies in your business. Bring your issues and questions!

joy agcongay, co-creator Athena Village, founder gentle marketing

Let’s talk about books

Salonnière joy agcongay

We love words: books, authors, reading and writing. Let’s gather to share what has captured our attention. Community authors? We want to hear your author journey! Occasionally, we’ll invite guest authors to sit in.

Wherever I Land

Salonnière Susan Brauer

Join Susan to dream and scheme about your travels.  Susan has traveled extensively – for business and for pleasure – and there’s nothing she loves more than sharing her tricks and ideas with others.

Special Gatherings


We host special guests and author events at Athena Village to inspire connection and conversation.

Occasionally, we invite the public to our special events. Replays are available to Village members.

* Book titles link to the Athena Village  Shop on and are used toward Village operating costs

Chris Zydel author of Conversations with a Brush:

Wisdom Tales from the Intuitive Painting Heart

a wildly entertaining and inspirational journey into examining the question of how to become more creatively free and alive using intuitive painting and the expressive arts.

Pam Grout author of Art & Soul Reloaded

Until we hear your version of this fierce and joyful world, there is more to be said. ~Pam Grout

With her trademark humor, enthusiasm, and no-nonsense guidance, #1 New York Times bestselling author of E-Squared Pam Grout invites you on a yearlong “apprenticeship” to recognize and unleash your innate creativity.

Heather Plett author of The Art of Holding Space

“Holding space” the practice of compassionately witnessing, accepting, and supporting without judgement, while retaining your boundaries and sense of self.

i’ve followed Heather and resonate with her writing and programs. The Art of Holding Space is a celebration of her work. – joy a, Village co-creator

Christine Kane, author of The Soul Sourced Entrepreneur

We spent an evening with Christine as she talked about her book, what it means to be a Soul-Sourced entrepreneur, and how to navigate this work your way. 

Accomplice > Ally

with member Dawn Johnson shares her events with the Village

Note: the Anti-Oppression Resource is available for collaboration and accessible to all Village members

GET PUBLISHED | “Ask Her Anything” Series

A conversation with Village member Cindy Tyler, CEO + Founder of Vervanté

Note: The GET PUBLISHED Resource is available in the Village to all members.

Lisa Sonora author of The Creative Entrepreneur

Watch our conversation with Lisa Sonora, artist and author of The Creative Entrepreneur about creativity and play.

Join us for one of our Athena Village Salons or AHA Conversations