today is the autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere! (spring equinox in the southern hemisphere.)

the equinox means there will be equal number of hours of daylight and darkness. from here, the days will shorten until the winter solstice, or shortest day of the year.

the autumnal equinox opens the season of harvest: abundance, gratitude, reflection and renewal. traditionally the closest full moon to the autumnal equinox is called the harvest moon–which already passed, on September 10th.

with the change in seasons from summer into fall and the shorter days here, are you planning any changes in the way you envision the rest of the year to unfold?

how will you move forward for the rest of the year?

maybe you get more energized as the year comes to an end and look forward to the festive gatherings ahead.

my energy tends to wane with the fading of the light. to respect my natural rhythm is to honor myself, access a deep well of self-compassion and accept my body requires nurturing, quiet and rest, like leaves falling from fruit trees, getting ready to hibernate and go dormant for winter.

reflect on the themes of abundance, gratitude and renewal and the seeds you planted earlier in the year.

what comes up for you as we move from this season to the next? how do intend to move through the next few months and what actions would you like to take to meet your intentions?

Photo by Andreas Weilguny on Unsplash