Why Athena Village

Dawn Johnson, The Dawn Johnson Experience

The [Village provides an] opportunity to be your truest, most authentic self without judgment. All ideas matter, and are relevant to the conversation… The openness to learn and unlearn as a collective. Yes. Yes. And that transcends race. To learn and unlearn.


"I love Athena Village because of the heart-centered leadership and the women that make upe up the community. I REALLY appreciate the depth of the intntionaliity of creating and upholding the values and culture of the community."

Rachelle Niemann,

We believe the internet is an amazing tool. Let’s use it in a way that serves us but doesn’t overwhelm, annoy, & definitely doesn’t track us!

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We are artists, authors, coaches, healers, makers, teachers, and entrepreneurs gathering to connect through authentic stories, thoughtful questions & soulful conversations.

  • Want a quiet place away from the chaos, vitriol, and perfection of social media?
  • A place without the prying eyes of traditional social channels that use what you share to sell and market to you incessantly?
  • Are you losing connections because your people getting fed up with those channels?

Consider joining Athena Village, away from the noise.

Engage at the level comfortable for you. Set notifications to your individual rhythms, so you’re contacted only as much – or as little – as you’d like.

Athena Village is a community dynamically created by the community. Each of us is a work in progress, on our own unique journey. We make mistakes. We listen.  We’re committed to respecting those individual journeys while learning and responding as a collective community. We believe learning and growing together is the way to create the world we want to live in.  Athena Village is committed to helping our members thrive.

If you recognize yourself in the description above contact founder, Kelly Pratt or schedule a curiosity conversation to learn how Athena Village partners with our Village Collective Members to help you grow.

Become a Villager

Athena Village is a women-led collective of some of the best, most inspiring, forward-thinking, fun, and creative women leaders together in one place. (Should I add humble to the list 😉)

Our private online community is for like-valued women (and men) who crave connection, collaboration, and creativity -and who never want to stop learning.

What makes this community different?

When we’re all hanging out in the HOME feed – the “Village Square” – we’re all just women who’ve been where you are, having conversations, sharing experiences.



No one’s “should-ing” on you.  Avoiding the word “should” is a hard habit to break! (hmm maybe a “should jar? 🤔)  We are the type where the messages are “MY way is THE way” people. Instead we recognize that each of us has our own unique “creative rhythm” and recognize what has worked for us and our clients, and we share that with you.  And trial and error is sometimes the way to find that.



You don’t have to join a bunch of different online communities – or feel like you have to choose just one – this can be your go-to community for learning, creating, ideas, and collaboration among people who share your values – but not necessarily like-minded. We may have different 💡 ideas, and that’s where the conversations get good!


Founder Kelly Pratt, co-creator joy agcongay, and our Collective Members believe, that the world will be a better place when our leaders and organizations adopt values traditionally associated with women. To make that happen we need to support each other.

We are a diverse group. Mostly women. Some own businesses and some have jobs. Single, partnered, or married. Some of us are starting out, some re-inventing, and some looking at retirement.

Whatever stage, age, or situation, we’re all curious women with dreams and ideas. This dynamic and growing community – Athena Village – is for all of us. A place to have important conversations, to create “circular mentorships” and most importantly, to have fun!

I’ve been reminded over and over as I’ve worked with women, that we are great at shining the light on others but all too often forgetting to illuminate ourselves. We do this as sisters, moms, and partners.  In our professional lives and in our communities.
And, we tend to leave our own “essential coolness,” our mojo, on the shelf.  Or worse, forget where we put it or even what “it” is!
The essence of “who you are at your core.” Ladies, we are natural leaders, and the world needs that now.

Kelly Pratt, Founder

inIt says in  *BECOMING ATHENA, Martha Mertz says …women’s natural leadership style is

“… not codified in business schools … [it is] … drawn, unselfconsciously, from centuries-old practices learned at grandmothers’ knees… so second-nature that… the principles went with them, shaping and guiding all they did.” 

And the value of this natural and valuable leadership style was proven in THE ATHENA DOCTRINE, when the authors discovered that 64,000 people in 13 countries believed the world will be a better place if our leaders emphasized “cooperation, communication, and sharing” – all thought to be “feminine” values.

This is what Athena Village is all about. You’re invited to join us!

In Athena Village we celebrate that women are multi-faceted, wear many hats and juggle several spinning plates. Because of that, we focus on WHO we are before what we DO.

We have 7 districts in the Village dedicated to being a whole woman of the 21st Century.  You may join the Village to take steps to further your career, but find yourself coming back for the camaraderie and connections you’re making.

We’ve designed a tool – Our Village Wheel – for you to think about your life and where you’d like to enhance it.

The questions will help you identify your areas of interest and where you would like more guidance.  And your ratings will help us guide you once your join the Village to get the most out of your membership. Click below to access the Village Wheel.

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