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Barbara Zuleger

Barbara Zuleger

focused. committed. curious. engaging.

"Stop reacting to everything around you and start building the leaders and the team that can help you build your business." – Barb Zuleger

Hello Athena women! I am excited to be a part of this community and looking forward to meeting each of you. Having a plan to focus on and follow, support to keep moving forward, and resources to answer all the questions are essential to a successful business. This is what I offer as I help women business builders develop sustainable, profitable businesses. I can't wait to connect with new resources here and help where I can.
"I am just curious . . ."
Don't you love questions that start that way What are you curious about today?


Meet Barbara 💃 Performance Partners Coaching

Barbara Zuleger I am a Coach, Business Owner, Serial Entrepreneur, Mom, Wife, Grandma, Trainer.Lover of wine and chocolate, sunshine and thunderstorms. I believe a problem can always be solved when we replace "I am right " with "I am curious"; and we are all temporary...


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