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Chantay Jennings

Chantay Jennings

energetic. committed. doer. traveler.


How to Collaborate in Athena Village

Ready to collaborate, here’s how you can get started. Athena village is a community for and by women, that means its made for collaboration. Whether collaborating on a craft project or building a business event together it’s possible and Athena village is the best place for it. Here are a few ways to get started. Do you have a hobby? Offer to share your skills in virtual or live meetups with women in your area. Post about your hobby, share why you love it and invite others to share their…

Collaboration Gone Wrong

Women throughout history have had their ideas stolen by others. An example is Elizabeth Magie, original inventor of the Monopoly game which was claimed by Charles Darrow. Check out the article, here A worse scenario is to have your work claimed by someone you are working with a collaboration or partner. I believe this fear to be one of the top reasons why many women aren’t collaborating with others in business. What can we do to avoid this unethical and awkward…


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