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Devon McGuinness

Devon McGuinness

Data is not a four-letter word. It can tell you a wonderful story if you ask it nicely. – Devon

I am:

A thinker who shines in finding gaps, exposing disconnects and transforming information into real-world solutions.

A leader who blends transparent process with the flexibility to mitigate risk and the adaptability to "work smarter not harder."

A traveler who seeks out new foods, experiences and cultures, continually in awe and joy to reaffirm how similar we all are even when our hot spice tolerances are different.


Giving Circle?? 💡 idea for the Village?

Click to listen 🎧 Americans gave away more money in 2020 than 2019 driven by the needs of the pandemic and renewed interest in racial justice following George Floyd’s death. The uptick was largely credited to individuals making small contributions. Many of us think about foundations when we think of philanthropy. But nationally and in Minnesota, individuals give two-thirds of all funds for causes and nonprofits. Some of that money flows through giving circles, groups formed by ordinary people…

ALICE (not the diner)

ALICE (not the diner) A few years ago, the United Way developed the ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) dataset.   While the census and bureau of labor statistics are still important, this dataset highlights and showcases the underlying reason so...