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Marcia Chadly

Marcia Chadly

vibrant. creative. ingenious. connection-loving.

“I value the three paths we walk in life - self, relationship, and community - and the harmony they create.” – Marcia

I am a Business Consultant for organizations and entrepreneurs using the Mighty Networks platform to host online communities and learning. I am skilled at explaining technical concepts and options in an easy to understand manner, providing clarity and confidence to my clients.

I am particularly known for helping clients translate creative ideas into strategy and action plans to build a Mighty Network. A network that fits their unique situation and leads to increased impact and growth.

Specialities: Mighty Networks strategy, Mighty Networks design, Mighty Networks training, Zoom training, online technology training


Boxing In Belonging

Boxing in Belonging Having belonging and culture together as this month's theme caught my attention. The two are related but not the same thing. Questions are popping up in my head... What about not belonging, how does that relate to culture? Is culture shaped by...

Culture Happens Online Too

Culture Happens Online Too Something a "simple" as a Zoom meeting has a culture and a sense of belonging (or not). One of the ways I create a sense of belonging for folks across the gender spectrum in my Zoom calls is to show my pronouns with my name. This video...


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