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Rachelle Niemann

Rachelle Niemann

compassionate. holder of space. heart-connected. calm.

Creative Type: Artist
Guide, Author, XChange Facilitator

"I deeply understand how the support of a heart-centered and giving community can elevate us as individuals. When we are elevated, a ripple effect is created, and we all benefit. Creating these environments is my truest work." – Rachelle

Creative, thoughtful, technically savvy, guide, holder of space, all about instilling inner peace and helping us all know self-love.

Focused on cultivating environments to support well-being, Rachelle is a guide, author of Breaking Free from the Hustle for Worthiness and XChange facilitator. Her facilitation, writing, and workshops are created to help lean into and proactively choose well-being as a way of being.

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Reframing Ruminating Questions

Do you have ruminating questions that keep coming back to you? Yeah, me too! Often times we are asking circular questions that lead us back to the same situation. When we ask a question, our brain automatically starts looking for answers and/or evidence. When we ask questions like, “Why does this always happen?” our brain subconsciously starts looking for proof, which doesn’t allow for any possibility of changing the situation. When we start asking ourselves different questions, we can get to…

Becoming Still through the Season

Becoming Still through the Season by Rachelle Niemann Here we are again, another spring equinox upon us in the northern hemisphere. Our world continues to change in new ways every day. I’m grateful that each change of the season offers a chance to pause and evaluate...


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