Invent a New Word

By Stephanie Foley


  1. Create a deck of 20 three-letter syllables and shuffle them.
  2. Draw three cards.
  3. Arrange and re-arrange the three cards until you are happy with the result.
  4. Decide how to pronounce your new word.
  5. Give it a definition.
  6. Write it out as pictured above.

Then join us in Athena Village to share your new words!

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The spring equinox is a great time to set or reset your intentions. You can review your recent actions and ways of being perhaps with a new lens of awakening, awareness, and hope, and you can decide how you want to be moving forward. Keeping what is serving you and clearing out what is not.

I set a lot of goals and intentions at the beginning of the year, yet I have recently noticed that I have become so preoccupied with perceiving what wasn’t going to happen in the future that I became paralyzed from taking action in the present. Looking through a new lens, a reminder and/or mantra I am using to remind myself to stay present is, “Today is the day that matters.” “Just do this workout/meditation/action today.” I’m letting go of trying to commit to things long-term where I have allowed myself to be overcome with worrying about not being able to commit, and instead I’m working on committing to what I can control and commit to today.

Perhaps take the day or weekend to notice your behaviors and your inner states of being, and as you notice them determine what you want to carry forward and what needs some spring cleaning. Allow the change of the seasons to inspire you and help you reconnect with yourself, your heart, and your desires.

Perhaps consider and journal or meditate with loving-kindness for yourself around:

  • How do I want to be daily?
  • Where can I notice I am in alignment?
  • Where can I adjust to being more in alignment?
  • What can I notice about this?

And if it’s helpful for you perhaps every day you can ask: “What actions can I take today to support how I want to be?”

There are new hopes and possibilities available every day; however, spring can provide new perspectives and inspiration to come forth. How might you be inspired by this change of seasons?


made up words

Stephanie Foley


Stephanie is the guide within Soul Sparks,  Soul Sparks is a muse-connecting co-creative think tank. Our mission is to help you ignite your soul sparks, re-wild your inner child, unleash your creative magic, and re-enchant your life.