Life Harmony

To Live in HARMONY (+ balance 🥰)
requires INTENTION. By focusing intentionally on these areas, we will create fulfilling, harmonious, + balanced lives.

Wellness (Physical, Emotional, Spiritual)

Play (Losing Track of Time, Fun, Imagination)

Belonging (Your Communities)

Growth (Continuing to Learn)

Connections (Close Relationships)

Wealth (Financial + Emotional)

Business (Profession, Purpose)

Introducing the Life Harmony Inventory: a tool to help you identify areas that need your attention so you can achieve the life you desire. Our goal is to assist you achieve a life of harmony, intention, and maybe even balance!

Take 5 minutes to complete the inventory and see what insights you gain.

 Answering these questions will spark some ideas around:

  • what you might want to add to your life
  • what you are already doing that is fulfilling you
  • where you might crave some inspiration from others
  • new things you might want to try surrounded by supportive women

And, if you realize you’re craving community, Athena Village is a wonderful place to start. Once you join, your responses will help us to create a personalized Village experience for you.  A custom introduction to the Village so that you can find more of what you love and fill in where you want inspiration.