The Village
Wholeness Wheel

Are you paying attention to these 7 areas in your life? Do you want to be?

In the Village, we celebrate the reality that women wear many hats.
We love that many of us have businesses and careers, but here we focus on who you ARE first,
then on what you DO.

Take the quick* inventory below. By answering 21 questions you’ll get a glimpse into where you might want to pay a bit more attention.  Where you’re living a fulfilled life or where you might crave some inspiration.

And, if you’re looking for community, Athena Village is a wonderful place to start. Your responses will help us to create a personalized guide for you.  We’ll be able to create a personalized introduction to the Village so that you can find more of what you love or fill in what you’re inspired to find.

* [5 minutes] Unless you decide to elaborate!

Complete the online inventory below.

Or if you love to play with paper and color, download the PDF, grab your favorite color pens and fill in your Wheel that way!